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Derecktor-goetz Yachts Diggins Enterprises (oob) Vikingcraft Div Of Diggins 15 Broad Common Road Bristol 02809 Nyc Inboards, Cabin Cruisers

Diggins Oob 5/7/76. 963 Chestnut St San Jose Ca 95110. Mic Application Dtd 5/24/96 From Derecktor-goetz. This Company Is Not Related Or Affilaitted With Derecktor & Gunnel Inc, Or Robert Derecktor (see Dkr) Per Telecon With Elizabeth Franks At Derecktor-goetz 6/25/96. However Their Literatur Makes Specific Reference To Bob Derecktor Who Owns Derecktor Shipyards (dkr) And The Additional Address Is The Same As Derecktor Shipyards. Per With Elizabeth Franks 6/26/96 This Is A Seperate Corporation. Paul Derecktor (son Of Robert Derecktor) Is A Member Of This Corporation. 04/14/02 Confirmed Ri Branch Of Derecktor Closed Up In 4/8 Call To Derecktor Shipyards (dkr) In Mamaroneck, Ny; Dgg Code No Longer In Use; Switch To Inactive

Additional Location: 311 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, Ny 10543 914-698-5020 Fax 914-698-4641

Date registered: 26 June 1996

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