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Vista Boat Company

Blue Buoy Yachts (oob)

Robert J. Moore Jr.

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Bubble Boats Blue Buoy Yachts (oob) 693 Hillside Terrace, #5a Vista 92084 Sdc Pontoon Boats

Previously Assigned To Blue Buoy Yachts, Paul Blue, 1922 Oak St, Torrance Ca 90501, (213)320-0277, Mso Los, Type 14, Inbus 721118, Oob 870312. Note: Bubble Boats Originally Assigned (oll) By Mistake; One Boat Built With Oll Mic. Oob Per Ppg 2/5/2003

Factory: 512 West California Ave, Unit 112, Vista Ca 92083

Date registered: 18 July 2000

Bubble Boats

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Bubble Boats
693 Hillside Terrace, #5a