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Spicers Marinas (oob 3/78)

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Star Marine Spicers Marinas (oob 3/78) 11 Vassar Street Worchester 01602 Pro Outboards, Open Motorboats, Jon Boats

Mic Previously Assigned To Spicers Marine Oob 3/78. 12/28/2001 Oob Per Rni 041122 Called A Dealer And Learned Not Oob, Moved, Was 20 Mashnee Rd,bourne,ma 02532, Factory Was 190 Presidents Rd,bourne,ma 6/29/2006 Oob Per Ppg

Factory; 251 Laurel St. Oakdale, Ma 01539 061305: Corrected Factory Address 251 Laurel St, West Boylston, Ma 01583

Date registered: 08 July 1993

Star Marine

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Star Marine
11 Vassar Street