Aqua Chalet

New Tazewell Boat Company

Homesteader Inc

Dion K. Mountain

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Aqua Chalet Homesteader Inc Po Box 1497 New Tazewell 37824 Pad Houseboats Inboard/outboard, Sterndrive, Inboard/outdrive

Verification Form Indicated Change Of Factory Location. Old Address 1510 Cedar Lane New Tazewell Tn 37824. 01/09/2001 Letter From Dion Mount President Aqua Chalet. No Longer Making Boats. 02/02/2001 Update Per Rni Has Stopped Manufacturing Since Jan/2000. One 70' Houseboat Left In Inventory For Sale (i/b Gas Engine & Generator). Mic Database Incorrectly Listed This Company As Type 11/13. Actually Built Approx 50 Houseboats & 150 Pontoon Boats Since 1990.

Factory: 511 Old Highway 33 New Tazewell Tn 37825

Date registered: 19 March 1998

Aqua Chalet

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Tel: 4236269040


Aqua Chalet
Po Box 1497
New Tazewell