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Small Craft Inc Po Box 392 Apharetta 30201 Sav Outboards, Open Motorboats, Jon Boats

Dads Business Out Of Bus 01/80 - See Atl. Inbus Date A Guess Old Address: 680 Drewry St Ne/atlanta/ga/30306030988 Oob. 12/28/2001 Not Oob. Is Currently Not Building But Makes Boats From Time To Time As Desired By A Purchaser. When He Builds He Builds 14 Foot Outboards. He Builds Out Of His Garage. Done Mostly As A Hobby. Less Than One Boat Per Year. See Also Atl, 09/27/02 Letter From Williams S Turner Asking To Change Mic From Mfk To Atl. 01192007 Drm-per Mr William Turner Letter Of January 10, 2007 While Small Craft Inc And Aristo Craft Boats Are Active Companies Neither Are Currently Building Boats For Retail Sale At This Time. Accordingly, Both Companies Are Listed By The Uscg As Inactive And Mic Atl And Mfk Shall Not Be Used Until The Coast Guard Is Notified That The Companhy Is Building Boats To Meet All Uscg Requirements.

850 Mayfield Rd Alpharetta Ga 30004

Date registered: 12 December 1972

Small Craft Inc

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Small Craft Inc
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